How We Can Help You

Designed to guide, inspire and accelerate progress on your most important issues, we provide communities and developers with the following services by augmenting our extensive network of leading practitioners with our Four-Prism Perspective:


Planning Projects

We provide the full range of planning services for municipalities and developers that includes master plans, visualizations, form-based codes, downtown action plans, public works manuals, walkability audits, design guidelines and pattern books.


Customized Workshops

Communities may face common hurdles, but no two communities are the same.  That’s why we work with you to customize a program of public and private meetings that inspires and equips your community to move forward--- no matter what the issue is. Here is the list of the most commonly requested topics.*


Strategic Advisory

It is critically important for you not only to know what to do, but also what not to do.  We provide municipalities and developers strategic advice so that they can avoid the mistakes that others have made while pointing out how to build upon current models of success.


Speaking Engagements

Sometimes communities are not ready to take a bold step forward.  Instead, they are only ready to take a modest step, and speaking engagements are an excellent way to start a conversation— not only as a way to learn, but as a way to bring community leaders together.  The topics can be as diverse and specialized as the topics outlined for the Customized Workshops.


Site Tours

The most effective technique to generate consensus on the future of your community, neighborhood or project is to visit places that can serve as a model for where you want to go.  Expertly-guided site tours allow everyone to experience a place with all of their senses and identify the elements that they want to emulate and the ones that they want to avoid.

*Examples of Topics

  • The CityBuilding Challenge: The Basics for Moving Forward
  • PlaceMaking as an Economic Development Tool
  • Designing Streets for People Walking, Biking and Driving
  • Form-Based Codes/Missing Middle Housing
  • Building Community Consensus with Effective Public Engagement Strategies
  • Preparing Your City for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Unlocking the Redevelopment Potential of Underused Strip Malls & Office Parks
  • Municipal Fiscal Analysis/GeoAccounting
  • Affordable & Attainable Housing
  • Creative PlaceMaking
  • Health & the Built Environment
  • Managing Homelessness
  • Parking Management
  • Entertainment Districts/Nighttime Economy Management
  • Aging in Place
  • Public Works Manuals
  • Public-Private Partnerships That Work
  • Green Infrastructure, Trees & Rainwater Management
  • Smart Cities/Managing Cities with Big Data
  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Real Estate Finance for Small Developers
  • Resiliency Planning
  • LEAN Urbanism
  • Urban Retail & Markets
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Historic Preservation
  • Syncing School Siting, Design & Function with Your Community Master Plan
  • Charrette Training
  • Leveraging the Town & Gown Relationship
  • Understanding the Legal Challenges to Urban & Sustainable Development
  • Spatial Equity
  • Transit Oriented Development